I am a brazilian designer who has as core practice create graphic language for a wide variety of formats. I always am exploring new ways to develop modernist and progressive visuals. Also, I am part of Office Girl, an office for design practice

For job opportunities, collaboration or anything, please get in touch at hifabiano@gmail.com
Elsewhere: cvinstagram, tumblr

Poster for movie screening night

Visual development proposal for Idea Books

Ongoing project for fashion label No School

Graphic system and art direction proposal for Selvagem’s party

Graphic language for Office Girl, an office for design practice


Durango Kid is a grotesque type, ongoing project

Poster language proposal for Museu da Casa Brasileira

Metamor type design

Graphic language for A Bathing Ape website

Poster for friend’s party

Logotype and graphic language for brazilian fashion label You Know

Graphic language proposal for Ninja Tune Records website

Graphic language proposal for Vice website

That's all folks! Thanks a lot